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PSY 1101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sleep Deprivation, Orexin, Night Terror

Course Code
PSY 1101
Najwa Haddad
Study Guide

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Hello Everyone!
As promised, here are five of the questions that will be on the second midterm. All the information
you need to answer the questions correctly are in the NOTES and BOOK or BOOK.
Study FIRST, then attempt to answer the questions. NOT the other way around.
Have fun studying.
5. Mary and Katie are two moms who go shopping together. Every time Katie’s son whines
for a toy, she buys it for him. Mary, on the other hand, buys the toy her son whines about
only every now and then. Mary and Katie were fed up with the whining and decided to
quit responding to their sons’ tactics. Who is more likely to stop whining first:
a) Katie’s son
b) Mary’s son;
c) It will take months before either one of them stops whining
d) They will both stop whining at the same time, soon after their moms stop
responding to their behaviour.
25. Which of the following is not true:
a) sleep deprivation has been shown to diminish immunity to disease
b) the absence of a hypothalamic centre that produces hypocretin has been linked to
c) nightmares occur during REM sleep while night terrors occur during stage 3 sleep
d) while our voluntary muscles hardly move during REM sleep, our motor cortex is
highly active
e) sleeping pills are an excellent remedy for dealing with chronic insomnia
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