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Chapter 7 - State of Consciousness.doc

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CHAPTER 7STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS OCT 2429I Waking consciousnessII Sleep and dreamsIII HypnosisIV DrugsConsciousnessV NearDeath ExperienceEarn a Point I Waking ConsciousnessMinimum of 10 Questions Next MidtermII Sleep and DreamsIII HypnosisA Some Definitions Hypnosis a procedure during which suggestions are made in which changes in behaviour perception cognition mood will take place PostHypnotic Suggestion suggestions made during hypnosis session and subject will carry out after session ex hypnotist tells you that you will eat ten watermelons when u go home and when u do go home u eat ten watermelons PostHypnotic Amnesia a temporary loss of memory and as a result the person will not remember what happened during the session or some other factinfo that happened before the session B FactsFalsehoodsB1 Can anyone experience hypnosis Scientific Answer Most of us are moderately hypnotisable A few people are highly hypnotisable A few people are difficult to hypnotise Expectations will make a difference ie if you feel hypnotism is for stupid idiotic people you will less likely be hypnotised whereas if you feel it is scientific you are more likely to be hypnotisableB2 Can hypnosis enhance recall of forgotten events help regain memories Scientific Answer does not enhance the recall of memories forgotten cannot use hypnosis to dig out memories you cannot retrieve Age Regression based on 60 yrs of research subjects are not reliving their childhoods or recalling memories but rather playing the role of children ex scientist tells you that you are 5 yrs old and person begins to speak as if that ageB3 Can hypnosis force people to act against their will Scientific Answer under hypnosis never lose controlprinciplesmoral compass can stop hypnotism during session if you want
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