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Wilhelm Wundt create an experimental apparatus Experimental PsychologyTheir machine measured the time lag between Prologue The Story of Psychologypeoples Psychology is a science that seeks to answer all sorts of questions about us all how we think feel and actPsychologys rootshearing a ball hit a platform and their pressing aPsychology as the scientific study of behaviour telegraph key He was also known for the first and mental processespsychological laboratoryBehaviour and anything an organism does any action we can observe and record Examples Thinking about the Minds structureyelling smiling blinking sweating talking and Edward Bradford Titchener introduced structuralismquestionnaires Structuralism an early school of psychology thatMental Processes are the internal subjective used introspection to explore the element structure of experiences we infer from behaviour Examples the human mindsensations perceptions dreams thoughts beliefsHis method used introspection or looking inwardand feelingsHe said there is one thing and only one thing in the whole universe which we know more about than we Prescientific Psychologycould learn from external observationSocrates 469399 BC and his student Plato 428348 BC concluded that the mind is separate from Thinking about the minds Functionthe body and continues after the body dies and that William James thought it more fruitful to consider the knowledge is innate born with usevolved function s of our thoughts and feelingsAristotle 384322 BC had a love for data HeJames assumed that thinking like smelling derived principles from careful observations His developed because it was adaptive it contributed to observations told him that the soul is not separable our ancestors survival from the body and the same holds good or particularAs a functionalist James encouraged explorations of parts of the soul Moreover he said the knowledge is downtoearth emotions memories will power habits not preexisting but instead it grows from the and mom
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