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Psychology 1101Chapter 6 Sensation and Perception sensation basic principles the musts of sensation3 things must happen sensory organs determine physical energy message translated so bran can understandtransduction neural messages message has t be delivered to brain for further processing transmission sensory receptors found on specialized cells activated by physical energy detect transducer and transmit message perception messages sent to brain select organize integrate and interpret it in a meaningful way bottom up processing start with basic bits of information and build up start from scratch top down processing involves existing knowledge and past experience prosopagnosia occurs when person can see faces describe faces but cant recognize the face cant have perception without sensations measuring the sense psychophysics researchers study relationships of characteristics of physical and psychologicalworld absolute threshold minimum amount of energy must be present for us to detect it 50 of the time difference threshold minimum difference existing between two stimuli must be present for us to detect it 50 of the time JNDjust noticeable difference Webbers law principle that to be perceived as different two stimuli must differ by a constant minimum percentagesignal detection theory absolute threshold lowerhigher than others explain why ones threshold detection is different from one time to another ability to detect stimuli depends on intensity of stimuli and person factorsEX emotions moods etc important because we rely on people to detect things for our safetyEX radiologists subliminal stimulation below ones absolute threshold for conscious awareness of a change sensory adaptation tendency of sensory receptors to respond less or stop responding when exposed to astimulus that is not threateningunchanging value disregard unthreatening stimuli and focus on more important ones sensory adaptation turns down the volume of the world otherwise wed be overwhelmed circumventing sensory adaptation essential for survival
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