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September 7 2011Chapter 1 Thinking Critically with Psychological ScienceIntroduction NOTESDefinition Psychology is science It is the study of how we think feel and behave It also studies mental and behavioural processesScope beyond psychotherapyevery aspect of human lifemedicine justice system politics sportsEx US invaded Iraq no one wanted to go to war Iraqi woman told a story in an interview saying how the Iraq went into a hospital and killed babies US only played that part on radios population was now for the warI The Need for Psychological ScienceA WhyA1 Limits of Intuition NOTESBOOKwhy do you need scienceintuition can be misleading lead to wrong informationA2 Limits of Common Sense NOTESBOOKcommon sense is the result of learning and experienceHindsight Bias Iknewitallalong phenomenonEx 911 example should have evacuated second building we know the answer nowA3 Overconfidence NOTESBOOKtendency to overestimate how accurate our knowledge isEx The experts Man will never walk on the moon Lee DeForestTetlock interviews people sees how confident they are then later sees if they were rights most were notoverconfidence and the average personA4 Illusory Correlation NOTESseeing the relationship between two variables when there is noneEx every time I think of Anna she callsCognitive effects affects learning pay attention to what supports our theory disregard others remember what goes with itA5 Perceiving Order in Random Events NOTESrandomness and uncertainty scare usEx lottery numbers each has an equal chance of winning
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