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PSY 1101Chapter 3Consciousness and the Two Track MindConsciousnessawareness of ourselves and our environment DualProcessinginformation being processed consciously and unconsciously simultaneouslyBlindsightbrain damage Consciously they are blind however they behave as if they have sight They see but do not know they can see Selective Attentionability to direct attention and focus on one stimulus Change Blindnessfailing to perceive changes in environmentEarn a point read pages 92109 there will be 10 questions about these pages on the second midterm Pages 8592 use study notes and watch posted videos ASome DefinitionsHypnosisInductionwhen an individual is being hypnotizedSuggestionsuggestions being made for changes in behaviour perceptions moods and thinking PostHypnotic Suggestionsuggestions made during hypnosis that the person carries out after hypnosis is overPostHypnotic Amnesiapersons forgets some facts loss of memoryBFact or Fiction1 Can Anyone be Hypnotized The majority of people can be hypnotized Stable characteristic stays the same Genetic component linked with CMOT Is not related with gullibility imagination or mental illness Is related to being able to be absorbed with something such as a book and expectations2 Does the Hypnotist Control the Mind Absolutely not Subject retains control 3 Is it a Sleeplike State No Subject is fully awake 4 Lose Awareness of Surroundings No5 Are Behaviours Unique to Being Hypnotized No 6 Make you StrongerTalented No 7 Can You be Hypnotized to do Crimes No When an authority figure in a legitimate context asks a human to do something they tend to do it 8 Age Regression No playing a role ex 40 year old acts like a baby9 Memory No Memories retract under hypnosis Fact and fiction but subject does not know the difference10 Hypnotic Analgesia Yes Pain killerrelief11 Therapeutic Helps with asthma warts chemotherapy stuttering and nightmares No evidence it helps with drugs PsychotherapyHypnosishelp with obesity insomnia anxiety hypertension 12 Relaxed Dont need to be relaxed C The Nature of HypnosisC1 Dissociation Theories Hilgardhypnosis is an altered state of consciousness Consciousness splits into two streams of activity One is normal and one is dissociated from normal consciousness
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