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01202011Topic 2 Biology of the mind1 Structurea NeuronA single nerve cellThe cell body soma important because the cell body maintains the neuronDendrites are important because information enters the neuron through the dendriteAxon the nerve impulse will travel down the axon In from the dendrite and down the axon It has a blue covering myelin it insulates the axon making the transfer though the axon fasterAxon terminal That is the way the nerve impulse leaves the axonb OverviewCNSInto the CNS through the sensory neurons they take the info from the body and send it to the brainInformation leaves the SNS through motor neurons Glial cells support the unsung support workers of the interneurons They have 3 functionsPhysical supportNutritional supportJanitorial support2 Basic Functioninga Direction of neural impulse toward axon terminalsWhen a neuron is at rest and it has not been stimulated there is a negative charge on the inside positive on the outside it is polarized When the neuron becomes sufficiently stimulated to turn on it becomes depolarized this means the positive ions will enter into the neuron Every time the neuron becomes depolarized an action potential occurs Immediately after the neuron has depolarized it suddenly goes into a phase of repolarization this places the neuron back into a state of rest
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