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University of Ottawa

PrologueSlide 2Brain and MindBrain is what drives the Mind Brain is physical tangible where as the mind a construct of the brain Slide 3Abnormal means something not normal Using standard deviation 68 is the normal The rest is abnormal Abnormal is when its rare and more extreme than the normal For example OCD is normal because a lot of people have it Normal is a big a rangeAncient times people who were abnormal were thought to be affected by the supernatural Example possessed by the devil your mind is a battle of good vs evil If someone is suffering from the mental illness that means evil has won and the belief is to get rid of the evil spirit by ways of exorcism Exorcism still occurs now but its like a placebo effect and the act of exorcism makes you feel better for yourselfTrephination is the process of taking out a round part of your skull people often died from meningitisinfections and the bleeding When dont know why trephination occured People believed that trephination occured because people thought when there is a hole in the skull the evil spirit will escape the head Another theory is people believed that trephination will remove weapon from the head or eleviate pressure if you have headaches to eleviate pain Took over 9 hours to take out the skull and some would take it out with many sessions Its a slow process with pressure Slide 4 EgyptianHysteria comes from the world hysterias which means uterus in greek Women who have never married or widows with the lack of the sex the uterus would detach would roam around and look for food and water This would cause choas to her body and the solution was using smelling salt to lure the uterus back to the original spot Slide 5Nativism believes people are born with everythingEmpiricism is the belief that people had to slowly learn this need expierience People wanted to know if people can learn language at any age You need the
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