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PrologueSocratesPlatooDualityMind and body are separated knowledge comes from within innateAristotleoMind and body are connected mind is a blank slate at birth info must be learnedacquiredDescartesoMind is not subject to laws of physical universe mind and body are separateLockeoMind is a blank slate info must be acquiredlearnedFrancis BaconoFounder of modern scienceoScience based on experiments and experienceChap 1Psychology and schoolsPsych is bornoBefore 300 BC Aristotle theorized about learning and memoryoStructuralismHow the mind is structuredIntrospection look inwardsThus being unreliableTitcheneroFunctionalismHow our mental and behavioural processes functionhow they enable us to adapt survive and flourishfunctions of consciousness emotions thoughtsWilliam Jameslegacy came from writing and teaching also engaged in introspectionoUntil 1920s psychology was defined as the science of mental lifeoBehaviorismView that psych should be an objective science that studies behaviour without reference to mental processesBF SkinneroHumanistic psychologyHistorically significant perspective that emphasized the growth potential of healthy peopleoCognitive neuroscienceInterdisciplinary study of the brain activity linked with cognition includes perception memory thinking and languageall info processingPsych definition of todayoScience of behavior anything an organism does and mental processes subjective experiencesBiggest issue in psychologyoNaturenurture issueJohn Locke said born without anything you learn Ren Descartes disagreed saying that some ideas are innatePsychs 3 main levels of analysisoBiologicaloPsychologicaloSocialculturalPsychs subfieldsoBasic researchPure science that aims to increase knowledgeoApplied researchStudies to better our daily lives solve practical problemsoCounseling psychA branch in psych that assists people with problems in living and achieving greater well beingoClinicalBranch that assesses treats studies people with psych disordersoPsychiatryBranch of medicine dealing with psych disorders practiced by physiciansCritical thinking smart thinkingHindsight biasoTendency to believe after learning an outcome that one would have foreseen it Iknewitallalong phenomenon Scientific attitudeoBeing skeptical but not cynical open minded but not gullibleScientific methodSteps1Observe universe2Define the problem3Search literature4Development of theory5Form a hypothesis6Design study7Data collection8Analyze results9Interpret resultsoTheory Explains through integrated set of principles that organizes observations and predicts behaviours or eventsoHypothesesTestable predictions implied by theoryoOperational definitionStatement of the procedures used to define research variablesSo that it can be easily replicated Constant testing of hypothesisoReplicationRepeating the essence of a research study usually in different situations to see if findings extend to different circumstancesDescription of behaviouroCase studyObservation technique in whichperson is studied in depth in the onehope of revealing universal principlesCase of conversational chimpanzeeExample of Sid the Kid oSurveyWording effects
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