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University of Ottawa

PSY1101Topic 1science DefinitionPsyche breath spiritsMindLogos doctrine1 William James 1890s Mental life2JB Watson 1920 behaviorWe went from external to internal so subjective now we study both the mind and physical2 History of Psychology Long pass but short history Psychology has been an area of interest ever since the beginning to reflex and thing to developed sense of consciousness Eg Someone hits you you think and process why the hell did they do that and what have I done to deserve that and what do I do next Primarily the earlier psychologist where philosophers thinking what is the nature of human nature Is it good or selfish caring compassionate where does the knowledge of the will come from the brain or our will Eg nature nurture Other people would be doctors shamanpriest Was not science HISTORY 1879 PhilosophyPhysiologyIf we feel the sense where are they located and certain areas of the brain that is responsible of the heat and cold and so on the understanding of the body where and how it is functioned Part of history 3 Early Schools Structuralismstarted in Germany developed by Wundt in 1879 known as the father of the scientific psychology was the very first to start a lab What Wundt wanted to study was essentially The structure of the mindconsciousness Therefore IntrospectiveWundt would train people to watch say a coffee mug and like know what they would be thinking of the coffee and its description a content analyses to see all the descriptions from everyone and reduce it to even smaller category What ever they said they were put into categories such as FEELINGS IMAGESE and SENSATION No matter what anyones looks on the consciousness is from those three areas Didnt last long because Therefore Structuralism is the WHAT OF CONSCIOUSNESSFunctionalism 1920 interested the WHY of consciousness The notion of Darwin To enable to see the our human consciousnessEg How did us humans survive because we are not the fastest but we are able to develop the sense of mind so therefore we where able to survive through this world
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