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Ch6SensationRepresentations of external world determined by sensation and perceptionsSensation process by which sensory receptors and nervous sys Receive and represent stimuli from envPerception process of selecting organizinginterpreting our sensations enabling us to recog Meaningful objects and events2 ways we process sensory info bottom up and topdown1Bottom up from sense rec to brain A sensed at black blotch decomposed by brain and perceived by A by brain2Topdown using higher level mental proc Construct perceptions drawing on expectationsexp predictive abilities usedaPicture of fruit man top down bc recognize food and face shapePsychophysics study of relationship btw physical characteristic of stimuli their intensity and our psychological exp Of them physical world psychological world light brightness soundvolumeAbsolute threshold minimum stim Needed to detect a particular stim 50 of the timeSignal detection predicts how and when we detect the presence of a faint stim signal amid background stimuli noise cell phone in malloAssumes there is no single abs threshols and detections depends on persons experience expectations motivations level of fatigueSubliminal stimuliwhen stim Below abs threshold for conscious awarenessPriming an invisible imageword can prime your response to later questions prime you to like a person even if you havent met b4 also most info processing occurs automatically outside of our conscious awarenessWe can be influences by subliminal messages but its complicatedLike if we are not really noticing then they effect usDo subliminal messages make us do things we dont want NooSelfesteem tapes given to students and control no tapes there was no diff btw groupsDifference threshold min diff btw 2 stimuli req for detection 50 of the time also called JUST NOTICEABLE DIFF JNDAKA When they notice and dont notice light the diff in those unitsWebers law to be perceived as diff two stimuli must differ by a constant min age rather constant amountoSo like a 10cent increase in coffee you will notice but not a 10c diff in a 3000 vacation UNLESS if it was 10 increase youll notice it in bothSensory adaptation diminishes sensitivity as a consequence of constant stimulation neuron stops firing example glasses first feel them after a while you dont
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