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Jan 5th 2009Topic I as a science1 Define Jan 12th 2009Research stuffhttpwwwsocialsciencesuottawacapsyhttpwwwsocialsciencesuottawacapsyengispraspLog onhttpuottawasonasystemscomUser id L emailuottawacaPasswordstudent numberActivationJan 18th 9amDeadlineApril 12th 5pmWait 2 weeks before contacting the researcher about missing creditsCancel 24h in advanceMiss appointment1Anonymous IDtake note because researchers dont have namesin my creditsCheck the course on My ProfileQuestions1 FAQ2 spppuOttawaca TA Office Hours Natasha CarraroEmail ncarr033uottawaca Mondays 93011am Monpetit 417Topic II Research Methodsis empiricalevidence Then able to formulate theories 1Methods toolsaDescriptivedoes not manipulate the variables Describing the experimentcan not concludepot of water on heat boils but can not conclude that the heat causes boilingTypes of descriptive research1 Observational StudyWhat concept do I want to observe Define the concept Make ObservationsEx Grade 3 class aggressiveist comes in to observe the class to determine the level of aggressiveness Define aggression Physical Verbal Etc Typically would have a chart and check off ist would have to be in there all day everyday to get a good knowledge Downsidepeople act differently when knowing they are being watched 2 Surveysassessing values behavioursself reportingdesign a questionnaire clear and unbiasedsample a diverse sample that represents the general population Biasedlike most people I think the budget should be higherUnbiasedI think the budget should be higher 3 Case Studystudy of one person or phenomenon ex serial killerFind a serial killer What kinds of things do you want to know How to get this information Interview the serial killer talk to family Can be bad because memories of people from can be distortedProfiling criminals can sometimes lead police in the wrong direction Generalizationcant generalize for all serial killers 4 Longitudinal StudyHow a group of people change over time Issuesize of samplethe longer the study the more people you need to have in the beginning Advantagehuge amount of data DisadvantageTime and Money Study by TERMANstarted in 1930spublished in 1959 Started with 1000 childrenassessed IQ average 150 IQgifted children found these children later on in life and compared it to the general populationsAble to also compare traits about certain aspects of life high birth weight earlier age to talk and walk5 Correlational StudyStatistical method to answer the question of the degree of relation between two things The higher the IQ x the income y As the x increases y increases When you record the data they use a r perfectr10 the closer theis to 10 the stronger the argument Knowing only one variable you can then predict the other unknown variable Sometimes you can have a negative correlation positiveupward slopenegativedownward slope CAUTIONCorrelation does not require causalityJust because they are related does not mean something caused somethingTV and aggressivenessTV Aggression bExperimentalmanipulating variables used to establish causalitypot of water1 on heat 1 off heatcan say that heat causes boilingGroup 1 30 pplGive drug for memoryWord list8hrs95 recallGroup 2 30 pplNo drugWord list8hrs40 recallGroup 2 30 pplPlaceboWord list8hrs95 recallExperimental Groupvs Control Group Experimentalexperiences a manipulation ControlNo manipulation
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