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Psychology The final exam is cumulative The midterms are not cumulative All exams are multiple choice Highlight important concepts and terms and explanations Psych Intro 1Roots22 Some major issuesStability vs changeRationality vs irrationalityNature vs nurture3Perspectives4Subfields and types of psychologistsUntil the 1920s it was the study of inner mental experience Wilhem Wundt 1879 established the first psychological lab The focus at this point was introspection as a technique Father of experimental psychology Focus on introspection Selfexamination of mental life From 1920s to mid 1960s study of overt behaviour John B Watson In USA he thought that psychology should study only public events measurable and tangible He didnt think introspective data had a place in psychology He was the father of behaviourism Concrete focused on what could be observed and proven Modern definition of psychology Scientific study of behavior and mental processes Additional influences By 1920 there were unconscious influences on mind and behavior By 1950 neuropsychiology called neuroscience now By 1970 cognitive influences became influences our capacity to solve problems reason etc and how they influenced behavior Some major issues debates Stability vs change Does personality change as we grow older Rationality vs irrationality reliance oncognitive thought abilitiesprimitive impulsesNature vs nurture what guides developmentNature Hereditygenetics Nurture environmentalexperiencethJohn Locke 17 centuryTabula Rasa blank slate nurtureCharles Darwin theory of evolutionBritish biologistnatureprinciple of natural selection survival of the fittestBehaviorism JBWatson BF SkinnernurtureInteractionismheredity and environment interact interaction of nature and nurture PerspectivesNeurosciencespecify neurobiological processes that underlie behavior and mental eventsEvolutionaryhow evolutionary mechanisms may function and influence behaviorBehaviour geneticsinfluence of variations in genes on behaviour variationsPsychodynamicHow behavior can stem from unconscious processes Things that we are largely unaware of Freud BehaviouralHow observable behaviour is learned Modify different kinds of stimuli and record the behavioural response ie reward and punishment Cognitivehow the mind processes information
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