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Psychology-Chapter 6-Sensation and perception.odt

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Chapter 6SensationPerceptionSensation 4 sections1Basic PrincipleAThe Must of SensationIn order to have sensation 3 things are needed 1 Our sensational organs must be able to detect a physical energy 2 Then the physical energy must be translated into a message the brain will understand neural message 3 Once it has been converted into a neural message it must be sent to the brain to be processedSensory Receptors these receptors are found on highly specialized cells they dont use neural messages but they detect the physical energy and they are the ones to translate and transmitPerception the information that is collected by the brain which will than select parts of the info and organize them then process them and final precept them in a meaningful wayBottomup processing its when you start with the most basic information and build up to more developed and complicated info sensory info is a bottomup form of infoTopdown processing using the knowledge you already have to perceive info with your emotion characteristic personally acquired knowledgeperception is this kind of processEx Prosopagnosiawhen you can see a human face describe a human face but not recognize a face sensation without perceptionBMeasuring the senses1Psychophysics this is when researchers study the relationship with the physical world with our psychological minds2Absolute threshold the minimum amount of energy that must be present in order for us to detect 50 of the time3Difference threshold JND the minimum difference between 2 stimuli that must exist in order for us to detect 50 of the timeWebbers Law read it and understand because it will be on the midterm4Signal Detection Theory as individuals we differ in absolute threshold it is also different from the same person the first time to the next Why does this happen Because our ability to detect to physical stimulation doesnt depend solely on the strength of the physical energy other factors play in emotion mental awareness motivation and so on basically the ability depends of the intensity of the physical
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