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Chapter 8 MemoryI Studying MemoryDefinition Complex mental processes including1Encoding Acquiring2Storage3RetrievalAdaptive Needed for survivalMaladaptive When memories of past events are so overwhelming that they intrude into the presentand prevent us from living in a healthy wayEx PTSDMeasuring MemoryMemory Tests1Recall Asked to remember something on your own2Recognition Asked to remember but given several pieces of information 1 piece is correct and the person must identify it ex Multiple choice tests3Relearning How long it takes to relearn II BUILDING INFORMATION ENCODING 2 major ways1Automatic processing Effortless part of daily life2Effortful Processing Time energy and effortare used to get info ex rehearsal review testsExamples of effortful processing1Chunking Grouping info Into manageable groups by either breaking apart or joining pieces of info Acronyms are examples of this2Mnemonic Devices Any trick or strategy to improve memory ex tie a string on your finger to remember to buy bread3Spacing Effect Study and restudy material many times but keep a time distance between each study period This is excellent for long term memory retention 4Testing Effect Test and retest several times to retain info better5SelfReference Effect When we relate info to ourselves better retention6Visual Imagery Processing Anything associated with a visual image is easier to remember7Organizational Processing Organize info Into hierarchies like the nervous system8Shallow Processing Verbal info paying slight attention yo a word in italics or colour9Deep Processing Understand the material first then memorize it Deep processing of verbal info Also called Symantic processingIII STORAGE3 stages of Memory Theoretical
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