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from the screen If we watch a roller coaster Experimental Psychologyon TV we may brace ourselvesChapter 6 Perception We perceive objects through our senses with our mind The process of perception occurs through selection organization and interpretation of our sensesKristen Hotting and Brigitte Roder invited volunteers to count mechanical touches of their fingers while also Selective Attentionhearing multiple tones When hearing multiple tones Our conscious attention is selectivepeople reported perceiving more than a single touch Selective attention the focusingof conscious awareness on a particular stimulus as in the cocktail Perceptual Organizationparty effectGestalt an organized while Gestalt psychologistsOur senses take in 11000000 bits of information emphasized our tendency to integrate pieces of per second of which we process 40 information into meaningful wholesAt the level of our conscious awareness our Ex when we see eight round circles with three attention is dividedconverging lines each all together we see it as The process of switching attentional gears a whole formaps0nc0sts a bit of time especially when shifting to Gestalt psychologists were fond of saying that in complex tasks perception the while may exceed the sum of its partsUlrich Neisser and Robert Becklen and Daniel assembling visual features into complete forms Cervone showed people a oneminute videotape in involves bottomup processing sensory analysis as which the images of three men in black shirts tossing well as topdown processing uses experiences and a basketball were superimposed over the images of expectationsthree men in white shirts doing the same thing This blurs the line between perception and Asked viewers to press a key when a black shirt sensation They blend together into one player passed the ball Woman passed through the continuous processscreen and viewers failed to notice herInattentional blindness failing to see visible Form Perceptionobjects when our attention is directed elsewhereImagine a computer that can recognize faces at a Also called change blindnessglance It needsChange deafness can also occur in an experiment Figure and groundwhen people are asked to remember words they recognize faces as distinct from their backgroundhear most do not notice a change in the voiceOur first perceptual task is to perceive any object Petter Johansson showed 120 volunteers two called the figure as distinct from its surroundings female facesfor 2 to 5 or more seconds and asked called the groundthen which they found more attractiveThen they figureground the organization of the visual field gave the wrong picture to the person and seldom did into objects the figures that stand out from their the people noticesurroundingsthe groundAfter the experiment they asked people if they would Continually reversesnotice a switch in photos and 84 said they wouldThis is an example of choiceblindness Groupingblindnessnow have to organize the figure into a meaningful the popout phenomenon is when we experience a form strikingly distinct stimulus such as 1 smiling face in a The basic features of a scene that we process big crowd that draws our eyesautomatically and instantly are colour movement and lightdark contrastPerceptual Illusionsgrouping the perceptual tendency to organize Illusions reveal the ways we normally organize and stimuli into coherent groupsinterpret and interpret our sensations Emphasises that the perceived whole differs Visual capture the tendency for vision to dominate from the sum of its partsour other sensesCategories of groupingie while watching a movie we perceive the a proximity we group nearby figures togethersound coming from the speakers as coming b similarity we group together figures that are similar to each other
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