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Chapter 3Consciousness and the TwoTrack MindForms of ConsciousnessConsciousness modern psychologists believe is an awareness of ourselves and our environmentSome States occur DaydreamingDrowsinessDreamingspontaneouslySome are HallucinationsOrgasmsFood or Oxygen physiologically StarvationinducedSome are Sensory DeprivationHypnosisMeditationpsychologically inducedWhat is consciousnessDifficult to studyoBiologists agree on what is alive but not on precisely what life isoIn physics matter and energy elude simple definitionoTo psychologists consciousness is similarly a fundamental yet slippery conceptScientifically studying consciousness was not easyoBehaviourism was the solution until 1960s the science of behaviourAfter 1960s advances in neuroscience and cognitive perspectives were important psychology gained its consciousnessConsciousness Our awareness of our ourselves and our environmentoDramatically different states of consciousnessBrain and ConsciousnessHow do brain cells create our unified experienceoCognitive neuroscience the interdisciplinary study of the brain activity linked with our mental processesoThe mind is what the brain does however we dont know how it does itoEven with all the chemicals computer chips we still dont have any clue how to make a conscious robotNoncommunicative patients can show the sign of consciousnessWhen asked to imagine playing tennis or navigating her home a vegetative patients brain exhibited activity similar to a healthy persons brainAlthough the case may be an exception researchers wonder if such MRI scans can enable a conversation within unresponsive patientsSpecific neuron circuits firing in a specific manner or the synchronized activity of the whole brainHow the brain produces the mind can be a mysteryDual ProcessingMindblowing evidence on two levels of consciousnessoA conscious deliberate high roadoAn unconscious automatic low roadThe TwoTrack MindoRecognizing objects vs pointinggrasping themoVisual perception track unconscious versus visual action track conscious
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