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University of Ottawa
Kenneth Campbell

Nature of PsychologyPsychology logos studypsyche the mindMental events attentionconsciousness information processing thoughtlanguage memorydecision making vagueabstract o Cannot observe mental eventsPsychologythe study of mental events and behaviourBegan in Physics Psychophysics whatwhy of consciousness Divisions of Psychologyhow psychology beganExperimental Psychology late 1879 Wilhem Wundto Structuralism Wundts studentEdward TitchenerBasic structure of the mindchemistry analogyRetina in eye has receptors for 3 colors red green blue Not conscious of redgreen receptors that activate areas of visual pathway to see the color yellow o Introspection looking inwardreflecting one own conscious experience o Pragmatism Functionalism William James 1rst major textbookpsychology philosophy of materialimmaterial nature Clinical Psychology o Psychotherapy Sigmund Freud psychoanalyst founder 1940Applied Psychology o Social developmental educational industrial psychology Schools of Psychology th 19 century revived 1950Cognitiveo William James o Study of higher mental functions memory decision making o Experiment pictures processed auto even if told to ignore Words no o Psychologist cannot directly observe mental processesUses measures sa performancereaction time to infer about hypo o Cognitive functions are inferred on the basis of variance in performance o NeuralCognitive Modelling use of comp To mimic cognitiveinfo processingBiologicalo Manipulate psychological state or brainBehavioural o 1920 J Watson began behaviouralismBF Skinner o Study of cognition unscientific acc to behaviouralists only behaviour is observable o Caused by acts behaviour in the past rewardrepeat reinforcerepeat o Deterministicall behaviour is determined by consequential events is learned Social1
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