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PSYC 1102thMarch 5 2013Psychological disordersF1 Biological FactorsGenesNatural SelectionBRAINAmygdala higher level of activityAmygdala emotions fearOCD Frontal lobes Caudate Nucleus Anterior cingulate nucleusOCD low levels of serotonin not as calmingGeneralized Anxiety Disorder GADLow levels of serotoninLow levels of gabaPsychological FactorsFaulty thinking Constantly scanning environmentLooking for signs of threatTend to focus on signs of threatDisregard signs of safetyOver exaggerate threat of dangerMaladaptive learningLearnt anxietyFear conditioning learn to associate danger and threatEX elevator is not threatening or perceived as harmfulIf the elevator causes a negative experience such as a malfunction you will associate danger with the elevatorStimulus generalization Fear will spread to stimuli generalize fearEx raped by man all men are threateningReinforcement Our fears will be maintained and kept and we dont get over the Best way to get over fear is to face itObservational Learning Learnt by observation of someone elses reaction to stimuliF3 Sociocultural FactorsMood DisordersAMajor Depressive DisorderSymptomsSadnessNo pleasure in daily activitiesWeight and appetite fluctuationSleep disturbances less or moreNo rhythmLoss of energyThoughts of ending lifeDiagnosis considered when 5 or more symptoms 2 weeks or moreBDysthymic Disorder milder than major depressionSymptomsDouble depressionCBipolar Disorder
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