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Chapter 16Social PsychologyISocial Thinking NOTESdef in margin p 676 The scientific study of how we think feel and behave in social situations whether these social situations are real or imagined How the presence of others influences our thinking feeling and behavioursAAttributions Definition the explanation we offer for a particular behaviourPossibilitiesoDispositionalbehaving because of their personality traits because of who they are their internal dispositions oSituationala person is yelling because he lost his joboInteractionsomeone gets grumpy when a deadline is approachingThe fundamental attribution errorour tendency to explain their behaviours using personality traits as the reason for their behaviour disregard the situational factorsoEx In a study the recruited young people they told them that a person was going to help them they told them she was instructed to act friendly to one group and the other group she was aloof and critical at the end they rated her and the warm group they said she was so nice and the other group said she was so mean Exceptionswhen we are explaining the behaviour of the people who are close to us or when we are explaining our own behaviours and we use situational rather than dispositional also if we take the time to put our shoes in the place of the person Effects of attributionsthe ones we use are going to influence or thinking feeling and behaviours oExHomeless person if you think he is a lazy bum you are less likely to help them if you see a homeless person and you wonder where they came from and if you do this you are more likely to help them BAttitudes and Actions B1 Do attitudes guide actionDefinition of attitudes the learned tendency to evaluate something in a specific way Three components to attitudesoCognitiveyou think people should drive hybrid cars oEmotionalget angry if you see people on the highway not driving a hybrid car oBehaviouralyou drive a hybrid or ride a bike Attitudes sometimes guide actions but more often than not there is a gap between attitude and action
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