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Chapter 5Developing through the Life SpanI Introduction study human development how we change from moment of conception to moment of death physically cognitively emotionally morally and behaviorally Continue throughout lifespanDevelopment also includes deterioration and decayThe 5 Major issues 1 Naturenurture 2 Continuity stages does development occur in stages or is it continuous Stage means burst of change major changes then plateau followed by another change with major changesEx Transforming from a caterpillar to butterfly major changesContinuity gradual discrete continuous step by stepEx Plant forming into a treeResearchers believe development is both in stages and continuous3 Stability Change do characteristics and traits we develop continue throughout our life spanIf a shy 3 year old would you be a shy 8 year old4Critical Periods are there periods throughout lifespan that are more critical than other5The impact of early experiences how our childhood experiences if it influences us and to what degree are we affected by them II Prenatal Development and the NewbornAConception Releases a mature egg releases sexual intercourse with healthy other person with no conceptionAs soon as one sperm reaches the egg it stops all othersEgg and sperm fuse together within half a day15000 eggs mature over 2000000000 sperm less than half of fertilized egg will surviveBPrenatal Development B1 Three stages of Prenatal Developmentst1 stageThe Germinal Stage lasts about 2 weeks 1014 days Zygote fertilized egg going to begin to divide and multiply Mostly male Zygotes who do not make it Zygote will attach itself to uterus wallnd2 Stage The Embryonic State week 2 to week 8 umbilical cord will form nutrition and oxygen placenta will provide protection for the babyBrain and nervous system heart spinal cord all begin to develop major organsnervous systemrd 3 Stage The Fetal Stage starts at week 9 ends at birth of baby Call the baby fetus during that stageAll organs continue to grow and development muscles get stronger bones begin to harden explosive growth of the brainBrain is making about 250 000 neurons a minuteBillions of neurons once bornB2 Environmental Influences Even though placenta provides some protection for the baby protection is not 100sometimes you cant tell at birth if something is wrong with the kidTeratology comes from word tera study the causes of birth defectsTeratogens anything that causes a birth defect air pollution mercuryEffects depend on 1 The dose how much was baby exposed to teratogen Higher dose higher the chance of the birth defect2 Time of Exposure could make a difference as to what will be affected when did it happen when baby was a zygote or affected in Embryo or at end of pregnancyndBaby hands exposed to agent orange during 2 stage arm never developed into adult form 3 Genetic Susceptibility two moms both pregnant exposed to same teratogen only one bbay may be born with a defectBoys in womb are much more vulnerable to teragens than girlsMore boys born with brith defects than girlsMaternal FactorsPrescription and non prescription drugs careful what is prescribedPsychoactive Drugs drugs influence the affect of the brainantidepressants cocaineEx Alcohol poisons the brain drinks while pregnant very high risk of FAS fetal alcohol syndromeLeading syndrome retardation
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