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Le 11 et 13 Janvier 2011Chapter 4 Nature Nurture and Human DiversityI IIIIIIV VIIntroduction What makes us who we are Is it nature or is it nurture Nature Anything genetic Heredity GenesNurture Everything else that is not genetic Experience environment It is both They are both equally important in shaping who we are There is also on interaction that is therebetween the two Also independentII The Nature Componenta Our Biological Blueprintb Evolutionary Psychologyc Behaviour Geneticsd Molecular GeneticsA Genes Our Biological Blueprint Chromosomes 46 or 23 pairs They carry genetic information in the form of DNA moleculesDNA consists of thousands of genesGenes are considered to be the basic unit of hereditary Theyhave the instructions to give the organism its characteristicsGenes 1 Single 2 Gene complex Genes are made out of nucleotidesA Adenine G Guanine T Thymine C Cytosine Nucleotides are biochemical basses or building blocs Seen as the alphabet of life Seen as the alphabet of life because it is the sequence of the nucleotides that will determine what a gene does and does not doA is always pared with T And G is always pared up with CYou change one letter and it will change the entire gene Think of chromosomes as books Genes would be the words in the book And the nucleotides would be the lettersHuman GenomeMade up of 30000 9999 similar to everyoneOnly a 01 difference Repartition of the 001 differences5 differences among races95 differences within a raceNature Genetic 2004 Says that race does not exist biologically Race is a social concept Race is biologically meaningless conceptThe biggest genetic difference is between the members of the same race Whites are genetically more similar to blacks And vice versaUs and other organisms Are similaritiesChimpanzees9598 Mouse80Banana50Fruit fly44 Daisy30B Evolutionary Psychology EP p143B1 What is EPB2 Application of EPSexuality B3 Critique of EPB1 Newest Influenced by theory of evolutionDarwinThe main goalmotivation for every single organism on earth is to survive and transmit the genes in the futureNatural selection Some organisms will die out Only the fittest will survive Fit When characteristics of organisms meet the demands of the environmentBehaviours that are common and universalOur capacity to adapt is what makes us so strongB2 Men more into recreational sex Women are more into relationship sexTheoretical answer to the why Both have same goal for EP which is to continue there genes but they have different strategiesAccording to EP Women like sex because they are pregnant for 9 months and they want someone to take care of them Men sleep around to populate as much as possibleWhat men and women find attractive Men find women more attractive when they have a youthful appearance Evolutionary psychologists say that men who were drawn to healthy fertileappearing women women with smooth skin and a youthful shape suggesting many childbearing years to come stood a better chance of sending their genes into the future Male teenagers are more attracted to older women Midtwenty males are more attracted to women their own age And older men prefer younger women Because of fertilityWomen prefer stick around dads over likely cads They are attracted to men who seem mature dominant bold and affluent They prefer mates with the potential for longterm mating and investment in their joint offspringGender and risktaking Men often interpret a womens friendliness to a come on or sexual interest Misattributing womens cordiality as a comeon helps explainbut does not excusemens greater sexual assertiveness The unfortunate results can range from sexual harassment to date rapeB3 18 societies today that we know of where women are openly encouraged to have multiple partnersWomen who have multiple partners are less likely to miscarriage And 80 are likely to grow to the age of adolescence then the 64Men are seen as promiscuous But isnt it true that if they are committed to one female they have more chances of impregnating her fending off other males spare women from male harassment and secure the continuity of there genes in the futureAttractiveness to other people changes depending on time and place
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