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Chapter 18Social Psychology The scientific study of how we think feel behave and how relate to one another in social situations whether they are real or imagined ISocial Thinking AAttributions DefinitionoThe mental processes that are used when we evaluate an explained human behaviour whether its our own or someone elsesoThe actual explanation we offer as to the why of behaviour PossibilitiesoDispositionalA trait is the cause of the behaviour oSituationalThey had to do something because they need to oInteractionAn interaction bw who the person is and the situationThe fundamental attribution erroroWhen we are explaining someone elses behaviour particularly people we do not know we tend to focus on dispositional and disregard situationaloThis is a reoccurring problemoWarm and Friendly Aloof and criticalexampleoExceptionsWhen we explain our own behavioursTake into consideration situational factorsWhen told to put yourself in their shoesoEffects of AttributionsIt matters because it will affect how you feel about someone react with themBAttitudes and Actions DefinitionoA learned tendency to evaluate a situation person object animal in a very specific wayoCan be positive negative and ambiguousoCan have a cognitive emotional and behavioural componentB1 Do our attitudes guide our actionsJust because we have an attitude does not mean that we will behave that way in a situationAttitudes are likely to influence us wheno outside forces are minimaloour attitudes are extremeoWe are personally going to gain or lose somethingoWe anticipate a favorable response oThe attitude is specifically relevant to the behaviourB2 Do our actions affect our attitudesThe footinthedoor techniqueoWhen you make a small request as a set up for a larger request The foot in the door phenomenonoOnce we have said yes to a small request we will say yes to a larger request Role playing
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