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PSY 1102Exam Tuesday thDecember 24 2012Saturday 25 Gym 100 MC Cumulative CHAPTER 16GROUP PRESSURECONFORMITYSuggestibility is a subtle type of conformity adjusting our behavior or thinking toward some group standardAn influence resulting from ones willingness to accept others opinions about realityCONDITIONS THAT STRENGTHEN CONFORMITY1One is made to feel incompetent or insecure2The group has at least three people3The group is unanimous 4One admires the groups status or attractiveness5One has no prior commitment to a response6The group observes ones behavior7Ones culture strongly encourages respect for a social standardREASONS FOR CONFORMINGNormative Social Influence Influence resulting from a persons desire to gain approval or avoid rejection A person may respect normative behavior because there may be a severe price to pay if not respectedInformational Social Influence The group may provide valuable information but stubborn people will never listen to othersOBEDIENCEPeople comply to social pressures How would they respond to outright commandStanly Milgram designed a study to have people participate in an experiment a learner or a teacher Learners knew what was going on Teachers the experimentThe effects of punishment on learning 70 continued to obey delivering the shock anyways more likely to follow through with legitimate authority and were closeby If victim was depersonalized in another room
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