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Psy1102 Jan14 Nature Nurture and Human DiversityWhat makes us same similar different or uniqueevery individual is in certain respects like all other persons like some other persons and like no other personsKluckhohn Murray1953Overview NatureNurtureDiversity Questionshow do we explain traits that all humans may have in common Global mating preferenceshow do we explain the origins of diversity the source of Content of TodayBehaviour Genetics predicting individual Differences study how heredity and environment contribute to human differencesgenes the building blocks of Heredity and Development Genes are parts of DNA molecules which are found in chromosomes in the nuclei of cellsThe human genome includes 46 chromosomes in 23 sets matched sets each chromosome has the same gene locations This includes the x and y chromosomes not a matched set in males who are missing some gences on the y A biological parent donates half hisher se of chromosomes to hisher offspring The human genome20000 to 26000 genes Human genomes are so nearly identical that we can speak of one universal human genome Yet tiny genetic differnces make a difference if there is a11 difference in genome your DNA would not match the crime sceneyou are not the babys fatherHow genes workgenes are not blueprints they are molecules this genetic protein assembly can be turned on and off by the environment or by other genes these molecules have the ability to direct the assembly of proteins that build the bodyany trait we see in a result of the complex interactions of many genes and countless other molecules Studying genes may help us Most of our traits are influenced by many genes size of your face leg bones and so on intelligence happiness and aggressiveness thus our genetic predispositions help explain both our shared human nature
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