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PSY 11028012013Chapter 4Nature NurtureHuman DiversityI IntroductionWhat makes us who we areAre we born this way or made this wayNature Genes DNA Heredity Nurture Everythinganything other than nature Eg family religion social diet Behavior Genetics The study of the relative power and limits of genetic and environmental influences on behaviorGenome The complete instructions for making an organism consisting of all the genetic material in that organisms chromosomesGene When turned on genes provide the code for creating protein molecules building physical developmentFor most psychologists the answer is both naturenurture They influenceaffect each other II The Nature ComponentAGenes Our Biological BlueprintChromosomes 46 or 23 pairs Half from mother half from father They carry genetic information in the form of DNADNA Thousands of genesGenes Segment of DNA Basic unit of heredity Provide actual instructions blond hair1 single gene might be responsible got a trait or characteristicGene complexes Groups of genes being responsible for a trait or characteristic Consists of NucleotidesA Adenine G Guanine T Thymine C CytosineNucleotides Alphabet of life Sequence of nucleotides that determines what a gene does or does not do ChromosomesBook GenesWordsNucleotidesLettersHuman Genome 30000 Genes We are 9999 genetically similar to each otherRepartition of the 001 difference 5 of 001 differences among races95 differences within a raceNature Genetics 2004Race does not exist biologicallyRace is a biologically meaningless conceptSocial cultural NOT biologicallyStandard concepts of race ought to be abandoned Us and other organismsGenes 9598 with chimps90with mouse50with banana44with fruit flies30with daisyEven though identical twins share the same genes they dont always have the same number of copies of those genes It may explain why one twin may be more at risk for certain illnessesBEvolutionary Psychology EPB1 What is EPNewestyoungest perspective in psychologyBased in the theory of evolution of DarwinThe main goal is survivaltransmitting genesNatural SelectionSurvival of the FittestAny behaviors or trait that had our ancestors survivetransmit their genes into the future are behaviors that will be transmitted and will be observed also in the futureIn order to an organism to survive it has to adapt to its environment B2 ApplicationSexualitySurveys Men tend to think about sex more often than women Men tend to masturbate more often than women
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