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Chapter 4 Nature Nurture and Human DiversityJanuary1211IntroductionIWhat makes us who we areDNA or experience nature vs nurtureNature genes DNA hereditaryNurture everything else other than genes Ex Country culture religion pollution etcLifecombination or interaction of both nature and nurtureEx 40 of children in Tanzania have their growth stunted because they dont have the proper nutritionTherefore nurture is shutting down natureEx Down syndrome is a disorder where individuals are limited mentallyTherefore nature is shutting down nurture The Nature ComponentIGenes our Biological Blueprint46 chromosomes and 23 pairsCarry genetic information in the form of DNA moleculesGenes basic unit of heredityCarry instructions that provide an organism with its structure and characteristicsSingle gene may be the cause of a disorder or groups of genes called gene complexesMade up of nucleotides biochemical bases They are the alphabet of life and the sequence determines what the gene will or will not doAdenine Thymine Guanine CytosineChromosomesbooksGeneswordsNucleotideslettersHuman genome was mapped30000 genes approximatelyEveryone is 9999 genetically similar001 difference5 represents differences among races95 represents differences between racesBiologically there are no such thing as race and is only a social and cultural conceptEvolutionary Psychology pg143What is EPNewest perspective in psychologyInspired by the theory of evolution DarwinSays that the main goal of every organism is to transmit its genes to the futureNatural selection survival of the fittestAny behaviour or trait that helped our ancestors survive will be a trait that we see in humans todayBitter death while sweet survivalTherefore humans like sweets and hate bitter tastesAdaptability allowed us to surviveApplication of EPEx Sexuality Men love sex more than women according to several surveys Women prefer relational sex while prefer recreational sexClark and Hatfield study 1978Assistants were average looking people and were told to go on a university campus They were told to approach people they thought were attractive They asked them if they would like to sleep with them The women said no while the men said yesWhyAccording to EP men and women have the same goal but they follow different strategies9 months 1 baby therefore women prefer relational sex where there is a man able to protect both her and the babyMen can spread their genes more by having multiple partners therefore they prefer recreational sexCritiques of EPEARN A POINT question on midtermCritics say that EP starts with an effect and works backwards to find an explanationSocial consequencesdoes it rationalize highstatus men marrying a series of young fertile women18 societies where the women is able to have multiple partnersLess likely to miscarriage80 live to 15 years while 64 live to 15 years for those who have 1 partner Chapter 5 Development Through the LifespanJanuary2111IntroductionIDevelopmental psychologyIStudy how we change and develop throughout our life span developmentEx Physically socially emotionally cognitively morallyDevelopment patterns of change that begin at the moment of conception and continue until deathAlso include decay and deteriorationFocus on both positive and negative change4 Major Issues of Developmental PsychologyIINaturenurtureContinuity vs stagesDoes development occur in stages or is it continuousContinuous gradual steady continuous way Things change bit by bit and add on what is already thereStagesthere are major changes in some points in your life
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