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Chapter 14 - Stress and Health.docx

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University of Ottawa

Chapter 14 Stress and HealthStress may induce health problems in those physiologically predisposedProlonged stress and unhealthy behaviour could induce the most common 4 causes of death heart disease cancer lung cancer strokeBehavioural medicine interdisciplinary field of behavioural and medical knowledgeHealth psychology branch of psychology that aims to reduce rates of health deficiencies through psychological methods Contribution to behavioural medicineStress and IllnessChronic stress is detrimental to healthoIncreases risk to diseases and suchAcute stress defends youoAgainst dangerous shitStress and StressorsStress is the process where we cope with situations that include threats or challengesIt arises NOT from the events but how we deal with the eventStress can make us stronger but too much is bad to our healthThe stress response systemStress is unified by mind and bodyEpinephrine and norepinephrine work in tandemCannon called the arousal of the sympathetic nervous system flight of fightoIncreases blood flow to musclesoHeart rateoRespirationoDulls painoReleases sugaroStops digestionCerebral cortex activates glucocorticoid and cortisol for additional supportoThis is via hypothalamus and pituitary glandoVia outer part of adrenal glandsGeneral adaptation syndrome GASo3 phases1Alarm phaseHeart rate zooms etc2ResistanceSymptoms persist3ExhaustionBody reserves depletedIf in this stage for too long chronic health issuesPeople with severe chronic stress had degraded telomeres and aged early
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