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Chapter 15TherapiesIThe psychological therapiesAIntroduction2 types psychological and biomedical therapies same goal different assumptions and methodsPsychological factors are the main cause of psychological disorders so we use psychological methodsEclectic ApproachoSome therapist specialize in one particular type of therapyoBased on the needs of their clients they pick and choose different techniques of different types of therapyPsychotherapy integrationoInstead of themultiple therapies why not take all the techniques that have been scientifically studied to work and blend them into one systemBPsychoanalysisDeveloped by Freud in the early 1900sAssumptions of psychoanalysisoIf you are experiencing problems it is because of unconscious unresolved conflicts from your childhood and unconscious desires that have not been metoBecause they havent been met or unresolved are pushed into the unconscious and continue to influence us today causing us to behave in maladaptive waysoThe aim of the therapy is to dig up the unconscious and bring it into awarenessoBy unearthing those things the person will work through and start behaving in adaptive waysMethodsoFree associationthe patient is encourages the first thing that comes to mind no censorship Freud was a strong believer that the first thing that comes to mind when there is no censorship is a clear reflection of unconscious desiredoResistance Analysiswere talking about the patient consciously or unconsciously blocking access to the unconscious the therapist has to be vigilant to what is going on patient changes topic misses appointments excusesoDream Analysiswhen we dream our defenses are down so our unconscious will come to the surface or comes to our dreams they do not come in a clear way but come in a form of symbolsoTransference Analysiscould take place in therapy unconsciously the patient is going to start the feeling towards the therapist the same way they feel towards a significant other in their life therapist has to point this out andoInterpretationthe therapist should be tuned in and attentive looking for resistance patterns symbols in dreams and will at the right time explain to the patient what these things meanoPsychoanalysis is too long expensivePsychodynamic therapyoCheaper shorteroAt the beginning the therapist and patient agree on a specific goal to work onoInterpersonal therapyform of psychodynamic therapy focus on current relationships most of peoples problems come from interpersonal relationships CHumanistic TherapiesAssumptionsoIf youre having problems today it is because of a distorted selfconcept selfacceptance that is nonexistent or minimal and natural growth processes have been stuntedoBelieve all human beings are good we are born with innate drive to achieve our potentialoThe drive is not enough we must be raised in the right environment to do itoRight environment unconditionally loved freedom to make choices AimoProvide the right environment so the client will develop selfawareness selfawareness health selfconcept and selfactualization
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