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PSY 1102 Tuesday October 30th 2012 Promoting Health.docx

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thPSY 1102Promoting Health Chapter 12 Tuesday October 30 2012Promoting HealthPromoting health is generally described as the absence of disease We only think of health when we are diseased However health psychologists say that promoting health begins by preventing illness and enhancing wellbeing which is a constant endeavorCoping With StressReducing stress by changing evens that cause stress or by changing how we react to stress is called problemfocused coping ex Not procrastinating something you can changeEmotionfocused coping is when we cannot change a stressful situation and we respond by attending to our own emotional needs ex Exercising meditation listening to music warm bath the best option when you have no control over a situation in which you took action Perceived ControlResearch with rats and humans indicates that the absence of control over stressors is a predictor of health problemsHaving control over our environment has a huge impact on our healthExplanatory StylePeople with an optimistic instead of pessimistic e
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