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Chapter 14Psychological DisordersIPerspectives on Psychological Disorders AIntroduction NOTES Abnormal psychology also known as psychopathology they scientifically study the symptoms causes development progress treatment and prevention of mental illnessPrevalence more than people think and believe oWhen asked if in the last 12 months 26 of people said they had oDuring your lifetime have you experienced mental illness 46 of people said they had Help 60 of people with mental illness do not seek help often inadequate help Why Low income no health insurance no access they dont understand it and do not know they are mentally illthe stigma people think getting help means you are crazy or makes you weak or think that it is shameful Example Kendra was kind passionate helpful a man approached her and asked for the time she was the only person that answered him he went to stand behind her and when the train came he pushed her in front of the train a couple of weeks before he went to the hospital and told them he had an urge to hurt someone they basically did nothing Caution Psychology students often start self diagnosing them selves BDefining Psychological Disorders NOTES CriteriaStatistical infrequency look at population and see how many people have it Deviant does it deviate from the norms and the standards of the society you live in if it does it is likelyDistressing has to be distressing for the person it makes them really unhappy you have to be careful because some people are in denial and if you take people like serial killers it is for pleasure it does not distress them Dysfunctional it is harmful to the person or other people and disruptive it interferes with the person to live a healthy live and everyday activity CUnderstanding Psychological Disorders NOTESThe WHY 1The demonic model they are doing it because they believe the devil is inside of them drilling holes was used to cure it also dunked people in the water and if they were not possessed they would drown and if they are they survive and then they hang them 2Medical Perspective Renaissance started moving away from demons and the devil and moved more towards biology believe then that something was wrong with their blood and they would make them loose 60 of their blood they also scare the mental illness by throwing you in a snake pit Pinel was assigned to an asylum the patients were chained in the basement but he made them change this and said that they were not possessed and told them to treat them humanely after this a large number of them got better and were sent homeSyphilis when left untreated it causes mental illnessToday oSymptomsoDiagnose oTherapyoCure3BioPsychoSocial PerspectiveNature and Nurturelook at the interaction oGeneticoPhysiologicaloPsychological oSocial and cultural Anorexia ofound in cultures were thinbeauty onot found in culture where plumpnessBeautifulKoro oFound in SE AsiaoSome men get it oAnxiety disorder and they believe that their penis is going to going into their abdomen and kill them DClassifying Disorders NOTES and BOOK oDSMIVTR the reference the book they go to identify the disorder the person is suffering from lists all of them categorizes them lists all the symptoms and lists the criteria that must be met oIt does not explain the disorders o1000 psychologists review it o60 health organizations participate in the revision oSeriously criticized based on the medical perspective oSo many categories basically everyone has a disorder ELabeling Psychological Disorders NOTES and BOOK oWhen we say a person is mentally ill is it hurtful Yes and no oBiasing power once we label a person as mentally ill then we perceive everything they do through that label even when they are behaving normally we still perceive it that way oRosenhan David 1973 eight students went to eight different hospital and they told them they were hearing voices and they were admitted and
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