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Chapter 15 TherapiesIPsychological TherapiesA IntroductionSame goal to get to a healthier and more productive way of living however the assumptions and strategies they offer are different The main assumption that all therapies have is that psychological factors play a significant role in psychological disorders Only a small amount of therapies have been scientifically studied Eclectic approach borrow techniques from different therapies depending on the problem and needs of their clientsSome psychologist study only one type of therapy Psychotherapy approach there is a movement within psychology to put together all studied therapies and put them all into one therapeutic systemB PsychoanalysisCreated by Freud hundreds of years ago but still remains influentialAssumptions oIf you are depressed today it is from childhood experiences that have been pushed into awarenessoUnresolved and frustrated childhood urges that have been pushed into the unconscious but still influence and effect behaviours and cause psychological problems AimsoDo an archaeological dig and bring them into awarenesswhile working through themoPatient develops insight into problems oWork through issuesTechniquesoFree association say what is on your mind spontaneously clear indication of what the unconscious is trying to hide oResistance analysis psychoanalysis is paying close attention to what the patient says an done if the patient suddenly stops or changes topics it is a clear indication to getting close to uncovering something from the unconscious that is threatening they are resisting bringing this outoDream analysis conflicts and urges come to the surface in forms of symbols oTransference analysis the subject begins projecting feeling towards someone significant in their life onto the therapist
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