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thJan 13 Evolution TheoryEvolutionary factors that contribute to the development of behavioural patterns and cognitive strategies related to reproduction and survival during organisms lifetimeThe Origin of SpeciesBiological your physical characteristics change over time according to the environment around youif you dont adapt of evolve you will die out survival of the fittestUltimate causes down the road in the futureOver thousands of years if this continues our brain could start to develop differentlyProximate cause Exdevelopment of spatial skills because of more computer useArtificial Selection animals with specific traits are chosen to breed in order to produce a particular type of offspring with certain characteristicsEx Darwin started to do this with pigeonsNatural Selection nature selects the traits that enable a particular species to continue to live Species without these traits eventually die off and become extinctspecies are always species none are fixe Every specie has a common ancestor Reproductive successthe number of viable offspring an individual produces relative to the number of viable offspring produced by other members of the same speciesVariation the differences found across individuals of any given species in terms of their genetic biological and psychological characteristics Bipedalism walk uprightEncephalizationincreased brain size in the frontal lobes Because the brain has expanded our reason language and communication skills have developed Frontal lobe controls these functions Genes and ChromosomesChromosomes consist of DNAproduction of proteinOrder of nucleotide base form chemical swquencesgenesProvides the Genetic code genotypeCAG should be repeated about 2426 times if recorded more than 36 times Huntingtons decease develop Most genetic mutations are not shown because they are recessive and only the phenotype is presented You have to get 2 recessive genes in order to show this mutation Genetically speaking females are stronger than males Genotype the complete set of inherited traits the genetic makeupPhenotype how traits are expressed and observed in the environment Interaction between nature and environment Diathesis stress model addresses this Refers to a genetic predisposition psychological or physical
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