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Chapter 15Therapies IThe Psychological Therapies AIntroduction NOTES Two major types of therapiesoPsychological oBiomedicalPsychological Therapiesat the core is psychological factors so psychological methods must be used oEclectic approachpsychologists based on the needs of their patients they pick and choose different methods oPsychotherapy integrationinstead of having multiple therapy and take all of the therapies that are scientifically documented and put them together in one system BPsychoanalysis NOTES Assumptionsif you are feeling depressed it is the result of unconscious unresolved conflicts from childhood you have suppressed them according to Freud it is because of them Aimto unearth those unconscious problems and the person will become aware and work through it to resolve it MethodsFree associationthe patient is encouraged to say whatever comes to mind first with zero censorship whatever comes to mind is the best way to see what the unconscious is Resistance analysisthe patient is going to consciously or unconsciously to resist the process to stop themselves from getting to the unconscious Dream analysisreport your dreams to the therapist when asleep your defenses are down and the unconscious will arise to the surface and show up in our dreams but they are going to be camouflagedTransference analysisat some point this takes place it is unconsciously the patient is going to start having feelings towards the therapist the same way they behave to another person in their life Interpretationis at the heart of psychoanalysis the therapist is always listening to you and they are always looking for things and eventually they are going to explain to you the causes of your problems Psychodynamic therapydeveloped because psychoanalysis was criticized Criticism to long several years and too lengthy This is shorter Interpersonal therapysbased on current relationshipsCHumanistic Therapies NOTES and BOOK
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