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stress the process by which we perceive and respond to certain events called stressors that we appraise as threatening or challengingStressors fall into three main types catastrophes significant life changes and dailyhasslesCatastrophes Catastrophes are unpredictable largescaleevents such as wars earthquakes and faminesSignificant Life Changes Life transitions are often keenly felt Even happy eventssuch as getting married can be stressful Other changesleaving home becomingdivorced losing a job having a loved one dieoften happen during young adulthoodDaily Hassles Events dont have to remake our lives to cause stress Stress also comesfrom daily hasslesrushhour traffic aggravating housemates long lines at the store toomany things to do family frustrations and friends who wont pick up their phonetend and befriend under stresspeople especially women often providesupport to others tend and bond withand seek support from others befriendpsychophysiological illness literallymindbody illness any stressrelatedphysical illness such as hypertensionand some headachespsychoneuroimmunology the studyof how psychological neural and endocrineprocesses together affect theimmune system and resulting healthlymphocytes the two types of white
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