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Chapter 14 Psychological DisordersPerspectives on psychological disordersAbnormal psychologist Study the symptoms causes progress treatment and prevention of mental illnessPrevalence how prevalent are psychological disorders One of the newest shows that psychological disorders are more prevalent than people think26 of people said that they have experienced a psychological disorder within their lifetime 46 of people will experience some sort of mental illness during their lifetime The mentally ill are not a distinct set of them who are completely different from us sane people Instead the vast majority of us have been touched or will be by mental illness through personal experience or through a close loved oneMost people with mental illness do not seek help and those who do often get inadequate help Reasons not access no health insurance most people dont understand mental illness or may not know something is wrong people are in denial and dont want to admit they have a mental illness people feel they will be judged or are ashamed of being insaneCaution do not diagnose yourself Get yourself to a professional if you think you have a psychological disorderDefining psychological disordersIf anxiety and depression can be a part of everyday life at what point does it become a psychological disorder Criteria to determine if something is normal or not The behaviour needs to be statistically frequent if there are very few people who statistically engage in this type of behaviour it is likely to be considered as abnormalThe behaviour needs to deviate from the standards and the norms of society difficult to determine because different society have different standardsThe behaviour has to be personally distressing it is likely to be considered abnormal need to be careful with this because lots of mentally ill people will deny having a problem or will not get distressed by their problemMust be dysfunctional either harmful to oneself to others and must interfere with the persons ability to function in a healthy and effective wayUnderstanding psychological disordersWhy will determine how to will treat and handle people with psychological disorders3 perspectives1The demonic modelThroughout most of human history this was the most dominant model People who have psychological disorders are either possessed by demons or are being punished by God Because of this people would beat and torture people with psychological disorders to beat the demon out of them In the US today there are people who get together and reuse medieval tools to drill wholes in their head and get the demons out 2Medical perspectiveDuring the renaissance in Europe they decided that it might not be demons possessing the body but rather a medical illness In spite of this they still treated people with mental illness very poorly Ex draining the blood scaring the mental illness out of them throw them into snake pitPinel was a French physician instructed to work in a mental institute and he was appalled at the conditions that the patients were living Ordered his staff to treat mentally ill patients as humans and many of them ended up getting better beginning of changes In most countries mentally ill people are treated humanelyIdea of Pinel and others was that the mind was sick and there were physiological effects When sickness is left untreated it causes mental illness supports medical model Today we look at the symptoms and diagnose an illness based on the symptoms Offer treatment based on diagnosis and hope it gets better3Biopsychosocial perspective Psychologicals today believe that other factors must be taken into consideration other than physiology Today we consider genetic physiological psychological social and cultural componentsCulture can make a difference ex anorexia is only a problem in countries where thin woman are considered beautiful Koro is an anxiety disorder only found in SouthEast Asia Koro is a belief that men have that their penis will retract into their stomach and kill themClassifying disordersDSMIVTRthe reference for psychologists psychiatrists and mental health workers When trying to identify what type of disorder a person has this is the goto book because it lists all the mental health disorders known today along with all their symptoms and the criteria that must be met before the person may be diagnosedDoes not explain the causes of mental illness TR stands for text revision based on research they add and take away things from the book Not written by a single personal or organization written over 1000 psychologists collaborating based on scientific research Over 60 organizations are involvedCritics argue that it relies too much on the medical model and does not give enough credit to factors other than physiological factors Critics also say that there are too many disorders and that 33 of the population will qualify for a mental illness because there is no many
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