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Psychological disordersD2socialcognitive perspectivedisorder of thinking people are depressed because of what they think about life and how they interpret it thus when u change the thinking depression will changeCognitive triadIm stupid worthless and the world is an unsafe place to be Another example is Pessimistic explanatory stylewhen they fail at something they over exaggerate the failureIf a Negative event occurs if we view the problem as stableill never get over this global I cant do anything with out my partnerinternalits my faultthen this will lead to a depression But it we view the problem as temporarymany fish in the seaspecificI have my friends and family toexternalnot just my fault then this is more likely to lead to successful coping Stable my weakness is here and will always be there global this personal weakness effects me in many areas of my life positive event externalunstablespecificexternal Reciprocal determinism between thoughts and mood E the viscous cycle of depressionIts self perpetuatingfeeds on itself There is reciprocal determinism bw brain chemistry mood and thinking There is reciprocal determinism bw life experiences thinking style and behavioursWe can break this cycle at any point and break out of depression FAndDiagnosed psychological disorder occurs at double the rates in women than in men Women have more stress in their lives more likely to be raped Women are diagnosed more since they go to the doctor moreMen who are depressed can be really angry and this can be misdiagnosed or reckless ways thus we might not see depression in men as easy as we do in women
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