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Study from both the notes and the textbook Nucleotides always pair up ATGCTeach same concepts as book but not Called the alphabet of life Sequence exactly the same as the bookdetermines what a gene does does not doChanging one nucleotide changes what the thFinal exam June 12 Cumulative gene does like changing a letter in a wordQuestions from test bank ChromosomesBooksth ISPR Opens May 7ends June 11 GenesWordsNucleotidesLettersChapter 4 Nature nurturehuman diversityHuman Genome has 20000 genes All I Introductionhuman beings are 9999 genetically Who makes us who we are Nature or similar nurtureIn 2004 a study in Nature Genetics Nature Genes DNA hereditydetermined that race does not exist Nurture Everything else biologically It is a social and cultural Also called experience environmentcontext Most psychologists believe that both B Evolutionary Psychology EPcontribute to who we are Interactions between naturenurture B1 influenceaffect each otherEP is the newest perspective in psychology It is based on Darwinian TheoryII The Nature Component Darwin 1 goal of any organism is to A Genes Our Biological Blueprintsurvive and transmit genes to future offspring Not all organisms will surviveThere are 46 chromosomes in each cell except the egg sperm Natural selection Selection of the fittest Chromosomes carry genetic information in Characteristics of organism must line up the form of DNA molecules with the demands of the environment Genes are the basic unit of heredity and are Any trait or behaviour that has helped part of DNA ancestors survive and transmit genes are Genes give organisms characteristics They displayed by most modern human beings are responsible for the production and According to EP those who were more manufacturing of proteinscautious eg running from snakes Genes can be active expressed or inactive survived unexpressed Can be permanent One single gene can be responsible for a Adaptation Organism must change when trait behaviour Ex Different sizes of dogsthe environment changes eg SuperbugFor complete mental processes there may be multiple genes gene complexes working together Ex Over 2000 genes associated with obesityGenes consist of nucleotides biochemical B2 bases ApplicationSexuality A Adenine G Guanine T Thymine or C CytosineClarkHatfield 1978 found that men were Monozygotic identical 1 sperm1 egg more open to casual sex than women Egg splits into 2 babies of same sex that are According to EP both men and women 100 identicalhave the same goals survival transmit Dizygotic fraternal 2 sperm2 eggs 2 genesindividuals same or different sex 50 They have different strategies to get to the genetically similargoals due to differences in biology and If trait has genetic components identical physiology twins should be more similar with this trait Relational sex is best for womenthan fraternal twinsRecreational sex is best for menEx Alzheimers 60 risk for identical twins Ex Women can make 27 babies in a 30 for fraternallifetime man can make way more Personality also has a strong genetic B3influenceCritique of EP Identical twins raised apart are more similar Earn A PointEAP Question for sure on than fraternal twins raised apartexamBouchard Important twin studies researcherEP start with an effect and works backward Conclusion Identical twins are always more to propose an explanationsimilar to each other than fraternal twins Unethical and immortal men could use whether raised together or apart explanations to rationalize extreme sexual behaviour towards womenC3 Explanation may overlook the effects of Adoption Studies cultural expectations and socializationAdopted childrenAt least 18 societies live primitively Some If behaviour has genetic component it is encourage women to have multiple inherited from biological parentspartners Woman with only one partner less If behaviour is purely environmental it is likely to have healthy children than woman inherited from adopted parentswith multiple partners C4 C Behaviour Genetics Family StudiesC1 IntroductionFamily members are more genetically similar than strangers are While EP looks at behaviours common Within a family there are still different among all people BG is interested in degrees of genetic similarities individual differences and try to find why they exist How much is due to genetics and how much is due to environment C5 Temperament Studies C2 Temperament Typical emotional reactivity Twin Studies and intensity of that reactivity How do you Monozygotic VS Dizygotic twinsrespond to life and its problems4 different temperaments in babies
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