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Chapter 12 StressHealthpump hormones into your bloodstream You I Stress and Stressors are ready to face the challenge to fight or A1 DefinitionflightStress is the process of appraising and Exhaustion As time passes with no relief responding to a threatening or challenging from stress your bodys reserves begin to event It arises less of the events run out You become more vulnerable to themselves than from how we appraise illnessthemSome shortlived stressors can have Selyes main point was that the body positive effects mobilizing the immune handles temporary stress well but longsystem for fending off infections and healing term stress can damage uswounds or motivates us to conquer Adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys problemsand release different hormonesEmotional or prolonged stress can harm us can cause us severe or prolonged diseases 2 pathways linked with stress responseof all sorts and can seriously affect our mental healthSAM accessCortexHypothalamusSpinal Cord SNSA2 The Stress Response SystemAdrenal MedullaEpinephrineNorepinephrine releasedCannon first to study stressStress response is the outpouring of stress HPA pathwayhormones epinephrine and norepinephrine CortexHypothalamusPituitary glandfrom the adrenal glands When alerted by Adrenal cortexCortisol is releasedthe brain pathways the sympathetic nervous system increases heart rate and Other ways to cope with stressrespiration diverts blood from digestion to Withdrawalskeletal muscles and dulls feelings of pain Tendandbefriendreleases sugar and fat from the bodys Alcoholstores This prepares the body for fight or flight a term coined by CannonStressorsThree categories catastrophes significant Selyelife changes daily hassles40 years researching stressCatastrophes natural disasters wars Coined the term stressfamines If you leave to another country to Concluded that when faced with stress we escape thats double the stressundergo GAS general adaptation Significant life changes getting married syndromedivorced losing a job losing a loved oneDaily hassles rushhour traffic aggravating 3 phases of GASroommates long lines at the store etcAlarm reaction Sympathetic nervous oThe number of these you have are a system is activated blood diverted to better indicator of future health than skeletal muscles heart rate risessignificant life changesApproachApproachAlternatives are equally Social and Cultural factorsenjoyablePoverty sexism racismApproachThere is a good and a bad thingAvoidanceConflicts AvoidanceBoth are seriously badB Stress and IllnessAvoidancePsychophysiological illnesses such as Resistance Temperature blood pressure hypertension and some headachesand respiration remain high Adrenal glands PsychoimmunologyoEndocrine hormones affect your Accountants during tax season had increased cholesterol and blood pressure diseasefighting immune systemrd3 studyB1 Immune system3000 men interviewed at first and divided Immune systeminto type A and type B personalityProtects our body from disorder 69 of men who suffered heart attacks were type AMacrophages0 of extreme type B had heart attacksSeeks out harmful intruders or wornout cells either ingest them or take them to Why type Aother cells to killUnhealthy behaviours tend to smoke more and sleep lessB LymphocytesTemperamentProduced in bone marrowAngerRelease antibodies that fight bacterial Other toxic emotionsinfectionsDepressionT LymphocytesB3 Stress and AIDSForm in the thymusStress cannot give people AIDS but it can Attack cancer cells viruses foreign speed the transition from HIV to fullblown substances even good ones like AIDS in someone who is already infectedtransplanted organsStress can produce a faster decline in someone with AIDSNatural killer cellsStress causes greater immune suppression Pursue diseased cells such as those and makes diseases travel fasterinfected by virus or cancerB4 Stress and CancerHelper TcellsStress does not cause cancer cells but the Help regulate immune system activityimmune system fights them So when AIDS destroys thisprolonged stress suppresses the immune oLongterm stress causes too much system in a cancer patient it may speed stress hormone which weakens the their decline and help prevent their getting immune system Then we become better but this is not a significant influencemore vulnerable to diseases tree manII Promoting HealthoCan also become over excited and A Coping With Stressattack healthy tissue in the body Coping Effort and strategy to deal with a B2 Stress and Heart Diseasestressful situation can be adaptive or FriedmanRosenmanmaladaptiveCardiologistsWays of copingSaw that heart disease was increasing It Problemfocused coping Identify problem was rare until 1950face it head on best for problems that can Wondered if it was diet related so asked be controlledhusbands and wives to document their diet Emotionfocused problem Deal with oResult While their diets were the emotions triggered by the situation when same their health was differentproblem cannot be resolvedStress relatedKey thing is to change interpretation of a stressful situation reappraising
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