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PSY 2105Chapter 6Neural and brain developmentMeasuring the Brains electrical activityEEGSpontaneous electroencephalographyoTechnique for measuring the spontaneous electrical activity of groups of neurons across the brain to different stimulation conditions using electrodes placed on the scalpERPEvent Related potentialoTechnique for measuring the electrical activity of a specific brain area in response to particular stimulusaction also using electrodes on scalpMEGMagnetoencephalograpyoTechnique where magnetic field generated by the electrical activity of brain is measured by sensors placed on the scalp Assessing the Brains Anatomical StructureMRIStructural magnetic resonance imagingoImages anatomical structure of brain by creating a magnetic field that interacts with molecules in the body When magnetic field is removed the molecules emit energy thats detected and allow images of structures being scanned to be producedDTIDiffusion tensor imaging oMeasures the diffusion of movement of water molecules through the neural tracts that connect brain structuresMapping functional structures of the brainPETpositron emission topologyoMeasures activity of brain areas by detecting radiation emitted by an injected glucoselike isotope that has been taken up by the cells that are workingfMRIfunctional magnetic resonance imagingoimaging technique that measures the level of oxygenated blood taken up by active brain areas Oxygenated blood is more magnetized than nonoxygenated blood leading to higher measurement of the blood oxygen level dependent BOLD signal in areas that are activeosuited to researching the understanding between behaviour and brain functionNIRSNear infrared spectroscopyoInfrared light is beamed though skullbrain and its absorption and scattering by blood oxygen in the brain is measuredoLess sensitive to motion so is ideal for studying younger children and infants
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