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Child Development Midterm Study Notes.docx

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ChildDevelopmentMidtermStudyNotesChapter1Tabula rasa John Locke latin phrase meaning blank slate used to describe the newborns mind as entirely empty of innate abilities interests or ideasNavitism JeanJacques Rousseau the theory that human development results principally from inborn processes that guide the emergence of behaviours in a predictable mannerNatural Selection Charles Darwin an evolutionary process in which characteristics of an individual that increase its chances of survival are more likely to be passed along to future generationsBaby Biography Charles Darwin method of study in which a parent studies the development of his or her own child5 Theories of Child DevelopmentThe BiologicalEvolutionary PerspectiveThe Psychodynamic Perspective Freud EriksonThe Learning PerspectiveThe CognitiveDevelopmental PerspectiveThe Sociocultural PerspectiveThe Biological PerspectiveMaturation the biological processes assumed by some theorists to be primarily responsible for human development Ethology the study of development from an evolutionary perspectiveImprinting a biological process of some species in which the young acquire an emotional attachment to the mother through followingSensitive period a period of development during which certain behaviours are more easily learned Sociobiology a branch of biology that attempts to discover the evolutionary origins of social behaviourEvolutionary developmental psychology a branch of evolutionary psychology that encompasses the evolutionary origins of contemporary cognitive abilities as well as those that underlie social relations and social interactionsThe Psychodynamic Perspective
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