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PSY2110d. Final Exam Content Notes.doc

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University of Ottawa

Liking LovingClose RelationshipsFinal Exam Content Chapter 9 Stereotypes Qs 121Chapter 11 Aggression Qs 2238Chapter 12 Helping Behavior Qs 3957 Chapter 13 Liking LovingClose Relationships Qs 5868All Qs from lecture material Chapter 13 Liking LovingClose Relationships Bowlbys Attachment Theory Developmenteffects of emotional bond between infantcaregiver Expanded to include close friends loversNot instantaneousDepends on BOTH dyad membersAinsworths Strange SituationObserve babys responses to strangers separations fromreunions with caregiver Patterns of behaviour Secure actively explores room when left alone with mom gets upset when mom leaves room clearly happy when mom returns may seek close physical proximity to relieve distress uses mom as safe havensecure base to explore novel situation 62 Resistant insecure baby prefers to stay close to mom rather than explore room very upset when mom leaves room appears upset or angry when mom returns tries to remain near mom but resists physical contact she initiates aka ambivalentanxiousambivalent15avoidantinsecure baby ignores mom no strong signs of disturbance when she leaves room avoids mom during reunions or greets her casually23 Why Study AttachmentWorking model of close relationships Feelings thoughts beliefsexpectations learned during course of infants first close relationships Secure worthy of trust lovesupport Insecure acceptance but sometimes rejection sometimes accessibleinaccessible responsive but sometimes unresponsiveuncaring Attachment TheoryCaveats Correlational not experimental Early attachment patterns may predict future do not determine it Do early attachments matter later in life Evidence that kids with early secure attachmentsocialintellectual advantages
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