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Death and Dying: Possible Short Answer Questions for Final Exam

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Mary Theresa Howard

PSY3101Death and Dying FinalPossible Short Answer Questions7 questions 10 points1 question 30 points Use Videos as examples1 What are the warning signs for possible workplace violenceErratic BehaviourObsession with ViolenceFascination with ViolenceDepressionParanoiaInterest in a particular coworkerSigns of social withdrawalThreats2 What are factors that favour violence What are factors that prevent violence Favour Violence Prevent ViolenceAnything that separates the killer from the personAvoid the use of derogatory prejudicial and of interest dehumanizing labelsAnything that allows the killer to think that he isReward the champions good guys above or outside the lawTeach children that violence is not funnyAnything that does not allow time for cooling off smart or cuteAnything that allows the killer to feel debased orReduce the attractiveness of violence in the worthless media Anything that allows the killer to define murder asBring adversaries together to look upon something else common goals rather than differencesAnything that allows one to escape responsibilityEliminate conditions that dehumanizing by blaming someone else perceptionsAnything that fosters perceiving humans as objectsRefrain from using physical punishment as a or less than human disciplineIdentify and foster the human resources to provide alternative to violence
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