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University of Ottawa

Topic 1Death EducationThemeslimitationcontrollife is finite ends with death but limitless during cant control deathindividualitycommunityimpact of death on individuals and greater community ie Boston Marathon bombsvulnerabilityresiliencewe have evolved to be dynamic and resilient but we are still moral and vulnerable to very small things ie viruses bacteria etcGoalsenrich peoples livesinformguide in relationships with societyrelationships change when we focus on mortalityprepare for public and professional rolesTrends in Mortality1900 160 deaths per 1000 under 1 yr then rates drop until 5465 range when they increase exponentially1994 40 deaths per 1000 under 1 yr then rates drop until 6574 range when they increase quicklyWomen live longer than menMortality rates continue to dropCauses of Death 1994Heart disease321Cancer235CV stroke68COPD emphysema asthma etc45Accidents39Flu36Diabetes24HIV18Suicide14Liver disease11Places of Death 1990hospital622nursing home164residence174 other38unknown02Reasons for New Patternsindustrializationindustry introduced poor living conditionspublic heath measuressanitation mandatory seat belts etcpreventative health careimmunization education about safe sex no smokingdrinking campaigns etcmodern cureoriented medicinepeople living with chronic illnesses etcnature of contemporary familiesfamilies are smaller more mobile can spread diseases more quickly and across a greater distanceTopic 2Attitudes towards DeathWhat is deathit is the cessation of lifeAttitudes towards death and the expression of these attitudes are a reflection of todays societyAttitudes are reflected through language and humour 4 magic pills1 HumourAllows discussionMomentary release from painEqualizer treats everyone the sameRelease and reliefmeans of coping for caregiver and patientExamplesoA dead atheist is someone who is all dressed up with no place to goJames DuffecyoOld watchmakers never die they just unwindoOld wool coats never die they just become mothballed2 Languageremoved from the concept of death by oeuphemismsoisolation of the process of dyingotechnologiesoinstitutionsoby the mediaDissemination of Attitudesmass medialiteraturemusicvisual artsformal death educationAIDS quiltFactors of Attitudesaging populationprolongation of process of dyingnuclear agepsychology of entitlementrights of the dyinghumane approaches vs the technologiesbirth and dyingmeaningful confrontation of deaththe age of transitionfailure and death are not synonymousDeath Educationformal curricula and informal mediacourses in death and dying have increasedmany facultiesprofessionals provide the knowledgeavoiding death does not remove the person from its poweravoidance only limits choicespastthis took place in the home todayoccurs in institutionsEducation includesoLife expectancy and mortality ratesoCauses of deathoGeographic mobility
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