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New Topic not in Textbook no Chapter referenceDIMENSIONSPRINCIPLES OF INTERPERSONAL IP RELATIONSHIPS RELIP ATTRACTION1CH 9 EVALUATION SUPP MAT2BENEFITS OF THE STUDY OF DIMENSIONS PRINCIPLESATTRACTION IN RELATIONSHIPS3CATEGORIES OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS4DIMENSIONS OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS5COMMUNICATION QUALITIES OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS6STAGES OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS7PRINCIPLES OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS8ELEMENTS OF INTERPERSONAL ATTRACTION9SELFDIAGNOSTIC EVALUATING YOUR LEVEL OF INTERPERSONAL NEEDS SUPP MAT2Benefits of the Study of Dimensions PrinciplesAttraction in Relationships Understanding the dynamic link between IP Communication and Interpersonal RelationshipsAcquire ability to assess how communication reflects rel QualitiesLearn about how rel Develop and workUnderstand elements and nature of attractionAble to evaluate why attracted to someoneSkills to initiate and maintain relationships3Categories of Interpersonal RelationshipsRelationship of CircumstanceoLives overlap but not by choiceEg family classmatesRelationship of ChoiceoSeek out and intentionally developEg friend lover spouseAbove CategoriesoNot mutually exclusiveoAct and communicate differentlyoUltimate consequences of our behaviour can differ4Dimensions of Interpersonal RelationshipsSee Supplemental MaterialThree main DimensionsoTrustoIntimacyoPowerTrustHealthy to look for evidence of trustworthinessoAcceptance of feelings
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