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Interpersonal PsychologyPart IIOctober 11 2011Transactions are the flow of communication and more specifically the unspoken psychological flow of communication that runs in parallel Example sweet caring voice with sarcastic intent To read the real communication requires both surface and nonverbal readingStrokes are the recognition attention or responsiveness that one person gives another Strokes can be positive nicknamed warm fuzzies7 or negative cold pricklies A key idea is that people hunger for recognition and that lacking positive strokes will seek whatever kind they can even if it is recognition of a negative kindEric Berne IP Popularized Transactional Analysis by books games people play Im ok your okBenefits of knowledge of TA conceptsImprove understanding of communication transactionsLearn about dominant ego stateBetter able to avoid psychological game playingImprove communication effectivenessEffective use of strokes Eric Berne IP States1 Child EGO stateNatural ChildDisplaying Curiosity need for fun joy intimacy fantasy impulsivityAdapted ChildEither compliant Placating or rebellious demanding defiant or whineyi Early or Somatic Child Crybabyii Early Adult or little professorEarly problemsolvingiii Early Parent Internalization of nurturing and prohibitive messages 2 Adult Ego State Objective and rational functions Considers consequences Referee between Parent Ego State demands and Child wants3 Parent Ego StateRules morals mannersNurturing ParentCaring and protectiveCritical ParentControl Intimidating enforcingAs Parent developsIncorporates messages from caretakersMessages can come from three all three states Jumping on the bed exampleoPp Parent state of ParentDo what I tell you to do critical parent scolding upsetoAp Adult state of ParentDont jump because you might get hurt rationaloCp Child state of ParentWhining complainingTransactional Stimulus Acknowledging the otherTransactional Response Response to stimulusThree Main Transaction Types 1ComplimentaryA simple reciprocal transaction occurs when both partners are addressing the ego state the other is in Parallel Transaction in PCAEG PP AA CCUnequal type of Complementary TransactionRespond from unequal ego states
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