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PSY3109 Lecture Notes

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PSY3109 Social MotivationThemes in the study of motivation1 Motivation includes approach and avoidance tendencies sometimes behaviour is determined by trying to get away from something and this is how we are able to observe the behaviorWe would want things such as cognitive master challenges love etcThere are certain things that we dont like and avoid fear stress anything involving pain hunger distress and punishment They are very powerful and potent source of motivation and we will do lots of things to avoid this Some other things we find aversive can be something such as a threat to our survivalAvoidance Tendencies can sometimes override approach tendencies and be stronger when we have competing tendenciesSometimes the negative aspects may win out from the positive aspect even though there may be a reward there Example student needs to approach the prof for something but embarrassed shame or anxiety and then the student end ups not fixing his her problem they retreat and they fail Example sea for a positive thing living giving positive aspect but after the tsunami hit thepeople were scared and it meant death and fear to them now and it has become an avoidance tendenciesthe punishing aspects became a more potent source of avoidanceApprach and avoidance tendancies wired in the brainApproach and Avoidant motivation BAS and BIS Behavorial activation systemReward or nonpunishment activates the BASactivatingActivation of the brain and the body approach there is exploration risk taking and excitementBehavorial Inhinition sustemBIS cautionaryNovel situations pnishing withholding of eardsTense arousal occurs alet and weary at the same timeSuppresses you doing something BIS AND BAS Additional pointsSome people have an overactive bis or bas situations may constantly evoke one system then another and the brain may get used to it and may easly be evoked with the slightest of sign
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