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Final Review These are all the notes from the midterm to the final exam. They include notes on the videos and additions to the slide show. These notes will be helpful is you missed classes or videos and don't feel like going to rent the movies from the li

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University of Ottawa
Mary Theresa Howard

Psychology of Women Final Career Psychology - Factors o Socio-psychological Achievement striving: is society allowing them to strive for success or is the success of women looked down upon because it is unattractive for a women to have too much power Fear of success: the fear that women who are successful are going to negatively affect mens employment and advancement opportunities Causal attributions for success: how do women earn success? Where are the women Racial and cultural variations: is it culturally accepted for women to seek success Traditional careers (stereotypes, role model, education) Non-traditional careers The token woman, this undermines her status in the work place by giving her this title Career choices o Organizational Performance evaluations Role model, teachers and mentor: if her only role models are those who work traditional roles of women then she may be less likely to go outside of these boundaries Sexual harassment - Facilitation in Womens Development o Maternal employment Does she stay employed while she is on maternity leave o Supportive fathers/ husbands Stay at home dads Husbands not belittling the amount of effort her tasks take at home if she is a stay at home If she is employed, helping out with day to day chores and tasks, working as a team - Discrimination o Hiring practices Gate keepers: if they are discriminatory then that would have a negative effect on a women being able to get a job 1 Psychology of Women Final o Financial inequities women are making less than men when they are doing the same job o Comparable practices Glass ceiling effect: women are only allowed to move up so far in a company and they will never be allowed to go above that position even though they can see that other men are being advanced o Affirmative action Women are being hired at a higher rate than men Women are being hired simply to fill a quota and in some cases they arent as qualified as those men who are being passed up for the jobs - Gender Issues In Career Counselling o Assumptions: people assume that because a women is looking for a job they want a certain type of job (ei. female job) - Sexual Harassment o Quid pro quo: demands of sex for: hire, promotions, keep job, avoid doing a job that you arent interested in o Hostile environments are shown with: sexual touching, sexual comments or jokes, degrading comments, display of sexual material - Employment and Family o As being a part of a family women are expected to: Take maternity leave Do house work Maintain the wellbeing of those in her family o If you cant do all of these jobs and maintain your employment as well then youre seen as failing as a mother - Retirement o Earnings o Adjustment to retirement Health and Fitness - impact of media: promotes things like HPV vaccination from Gardisil - health status - health issues: #1 killer of women is heart disease o life expectancy: women are still expected to live longer than men o Heart disease: kills the most women o Cancers: lung cancer is the 2nd greatest threat to women 2Psychology of Women Final o AIDS: growing, women are now the fastest growing group of infected in the world. Causing huge problems because more and more children are getting infected o Alzheimers: for every 2 women who are diagnosed there is one male - People need to be educated more on the following: o violence: against women, until recently husbands could rape their wives o Pregnancy, fertility and abortion o Menopause: highly stereotyped as being the end of sexuality for women *** Unborn victims of Crime Act: a new act put in place that says that if a crime that is committed towards a pregnant mother causes the death of the baby, then they attacker can then be charged with murder. This could be difficult because it opens up the flood gates for anti-abortionists who say that a fetus is alive when the cells first begin to reproduce. If the court can charge the attackers with murder then they may also be able to charge the m
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