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Evelyne Girard

Chapter 1 The Study of Gender Evolutionary psychology contends that womens and mens brain have evolved in different ways that furnish modern humans with hard wired gender differences It holds the essentialist view that some essence or underlying biological component makes men and women different Minimalist Few differences between W and MMaximalist Large fundamental differences between WM some m hold the essentialist view differences are part of their essential biological naturesStructuralism attempts to understand the conscious mind by dividing the mind into component and analyzing the structure of the mind Did not care about the diffrences Functionalism Attempts to understand how the mind functions rather than its strucutre holding a practical applied orientation including an interest in mental abilities and in gender differences in those abilities Behaviorism Emphasizes the importance of observable behavior as the subject matter of psychology Discounts the utility of unobservable mental eventsAndrocentric Bias If men are the standard women will always appear deficient when they differ from that standard Bem 1993Whenever research finds a gender difference that finding is interpreted as a disadvantage for womenLiberal feminism Wanting to end discriminationRadical feminism Wanting to end oppressionCultural feminismmost popular these days Advocating social change in favor of caring and relationships Trying to get men to change rather than women acting like menUnger the term genderexplained that this term describes the traits and behaviors that are regarded by the culture as appropriate to women and men Gender is thus a social label and not a description of biology Weisstein Contaminated by biases wishes and fantasies about W Criticism aimed at clinical psychology and Freudian approach to therapy Psychologists find only what they want and expect to find about W instead of researching W as they areNeglected to take into account the context of behaviorWomen Men APA Division 35APA Division 51Beauvior and Friedan R Bly and Sam KeenNational Organization for Women National Coalition of Free menSociety for the Psychology of WomenNational Organization for Men Against Sexism Association for Women in Psychology Promise Keepers a shared vision of godly manhood urging M to reclaim their position as head of family living up to their role keeping their commitments to their wives and fathers and be more involved fathersVery unitedLess united Hip Hop Feminism A version of feminism which draws energy from the hiphop culture to lead young W to a critical analysis of the sexism and racism that continues in our society Through this analysis W can be empowered Multiracial Feminism Black Womens Liberation Focus Third World Womens Alliance National Black Feminist Organization African American Latina Asian and Native American W formed groups that oppose racism and sexism Becky Thompson 2002a lot of truth to reckon with and a lot of networking to doShould psychologist study gender Argument AAll psychological research should report on gender if such comparisons were part of the design Alice Eagly 1987 1997 Diane Halpern 1994 2004Argument BPsychologists should move away from reporting on gender comparisonsRoy Baumeister 1988Bernice Lott 1997 Chapter 2
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