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PSY3122 Quiz: Human Sexual Behaviour PSY3122

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University of Ottawa
Lisa Henry

Human Sexual Behaviour Professor Lisa Henry Office hours: Mondays 5:306:30pm Choice of doing a paper to boost grade o Topic and two aspects (etiology, treatment, etc.) Definitions and concepts: Human Sexuality Interdisciplinary Orientationpreference Acts Bodies of selfothers Physicalemotionalbehaviourpractices Deviation from norm, expression Reproduction, pleasure Dimensions (6) Multidimensional Biological: reproductive organs, anatomy, physiological responses (arousal, sexual response), STIs, conceptionpregnancychildbirthfertility, contraception, hormones Psychological: fantasiesdesires, eroticism, motivation, attraction, sexual orientation and preferences, attachment, cognitive evaluationsinterpretations of situations, self esteembody image Sociocultural: taboos, norms, media (gender roles, stereotypes), law Religiousspiritualmoral: rules of conduct, values (virginity, tell you have STI) Emotional: attractionlust, arousal, embarrassment, happiness, guiltregretshame, jealousy, obligationburdensome, angerfrustration Cognitive: perception, evaluation, acquired knowledgeinformation about human sexuality Chapter 2: Theoretical perspectives (theories provide perspective; one is not enoughdoesnt capture complexity of human sexuality by using just one) know Freud, Kinsey, Masters Johnson for exam Evolutionary perspectives o Sociobiological Sociobiology: biological basis of social behaviour (including sexual behaviour) in animals and humans Darwins theory of evolution (natural selection, adaptive behaviour, reproductive success) is understood as being the principal motivator of all human sexual behaviour If your traits arent helping you reproduce, theyll die off. Survival of the species Men naturally promiscuous in order to produce multiple offspring, whereas women are selective in mating because they only have a few offspring Males choose younger and healthier mates (big hips and big breasts are healthy when birthing children), women tend to choose men with resources (money and power) because it facilitates the upbringing of offspring.
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